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Apartment building from the 1800s in the historical center beautifully renovated with hardwood floors, original brick, ceiling beams and terracotta tiles, arches over the windows and door lintels in stone with original colors. It consists of a double bedroom, a living area with fitted kitchen, double sofa bed 160x190, a very comfortable bathroom with shower, small dressing room and terrace where to have lunch.

Apartment furnished with antique furniture, paintings by local artists, collectors' pieces and antiques craft various compositions that can be chosen from the website to personalize your stay.

Customize your experience

In order not to miss a minute of your holiday, you can also enjoy the art inside of our apartment characteristic of our land. Choose from the moment of booking, the picture or the furniture that you like and you will find upon arrival in decorating your rooms.

We thought of a way to enrich your stay in our rooms, selecting works of art for you some local, fruit also known antiquarian tradition of Arezzo.

Residenza Fra le Torri | Via Fra le Torri 16, Arezzo | Tel: 337 212556 | E-mail:

Land of Arezzo

Fiera Antiquaria

(First weekend of every month)

The Antique Fair in Arezzo was born in 1968, the first in the country, and for forty-five years of uninterrupted, every first Sunday of the month and the previous Saturday, in Piazza Grande and in the streets of the historic city center, presents to the public, collectors and fans of the genre a large amount of objects that make up the history and identity of our civilization, giving enthusiasts and professionals the pleasure of trouvaille, namely the discovery and research of rare or curious piece.

Giostra del Saracino

(2 editions every year)

Giostra del Saracino is the most important reenactment of the city of Arezzo. The event takes place twice a year: the second Saturday of June in night edition (Giostra di San Donato) and the first Sunday of September in edition daytime (Giostra della Madonna del Conforto). The jousting tournament attracts thousands of visitors, fascinated by the historical parade, poured into the streets. Heatedly by hundreds of people in medieval costumes and dozens of horses, punctuated by the ringing of the trumpets and intoxicated the colors of the flags, the march is able to bring to life the city a blast from the past and to immerse Arezzo and tourists in a unique and festive.

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  • Bedroom dx - 2Pezzi1
  • Bedroom dx - 2Pezzi2
  • Bedroom dx - Opera1
  • Bedroom dx - Opera10
  • Bedroom dx - Opera11
  • Bedroom dx - Sonno
  • Bedroom dx - Specchio
  • Bedroom dx - Tetti di arezzo
  • Bedroom sx - 2Pezzi1
  • Bedroom sx - 2Pezzi2
  • Bedroom sx - Donna con Cappello
  • Bedroom sx - Opera1
  • Bedroom sx - Opera10
  • Bedroom sx - Opera11
  • Bedroom sx - Quote Rosa Scarpine Ferragamo
  • Bedroom sx - Sonno
  • Bedroom sx - Tetti di arezzo
  • Kitchen - 2Pezzi1
  • Kitchen - Donna con Cappello
  • Kitchen - Opera1
  • Kitchen - Opera2
  • Kitchen - Opera3
  • Kitchen - Opera4
  • Kitchen - Opera5
  • Kitchen - Opera6
  • Kitchen - Opera7
  • Kitchen - Opera8
  • Kitchen - Opera9
  • Kitchen - Opera10
  • Kitchen - Opera11
  • Kitchen - Opera12
  • Kitchen - Opera13
  • Kitchen - Opera14
  • Kitchen - Opera15
  • Kitchen - Opera16
  • Kitchen - Opera17
  • Kitchen - Opera18
  • Kitchen - Opera19
  • Kitchen - Quote Rosa Scarpine Ferragamo
  • Kitchen - Sonno
  • Kitchen - Tetti d Arezzo
  • Sofa - 2Pezzi1
  • Sofa - Opera10
  • Sofa - Opera11
  • Sofa - Sonno
  • Sofa - Tetti d Arezzo
  • Sofa dx - 2Pezzi1
  • Sofa dx - 2Pezzi2
  • Sofa dx - Donna con Cappello
  • Sofa dx - Opera1
  • Sofa dx - Opera10
  • Sofa dx - Sonno
  • Sofa dx - Tetti d Arezzo
  • Sofa dx - Quote Rosa Scarpine Ferragamo
  • Room - Opera12
  • Room - Opera13
  • Room - Opera14
  • Room - Opera15
  • Room - Opera16
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Residenza Fra le Torri | Via Fra le Torri 16, 52100 Arezzo | Tel: 337 212556 | E-mail: